Mother’s Day 2017-18

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Mother's Day

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Significance of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the world as a holiday that is celebrated on the second Sunday of May annually. This day is observed for honoring the contributions of the Mothers or the Mother figures for their enormous contribution to society. This Mother’s Day 2017-18 falls on May 14th and on this day, the society will remember their sacrifices and the depth of love they have given.



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May 14, 2017
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History of Mother’s Day 

Behind the Mother’s Day celebration, there is a history of American Civil Wars in the 19th century when USA Women’s Peace Group is trying their best to establish peace in the war-ragged America. At that time, they do some activities with the mothers whose sons have fought or died in the war.

Several years later, in the year 1877, the children of Juliet Calhoun Blakeley paid tribute to their mother for her act and urged others to pay respect to their Mothers as well. In the early 1880, the second Sunday was allotted for the Mother’s Day that was celebrated now.

Mother’s Day Tradition

The gifting, showing gratitude on the day to the Mothers and make them happy has become a tradition for the children. On this special occasion, they brought a festive lunch to their Mothers, send cards, flowers and also make unique gifting so that their mothers become happy.  

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