my2017calendars $1000 Internet Marketing Scholarship

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As a digital marketing company, we get inspiration from the young and here, we have the intention to give them a helping hand to the students. This scholarship is meant for the students who believe in improving the society and want to devote themselves for the same. This program is started as the motivation to hold a merit-based scholarship, which provides $1000 to the students who will be selected on the basis of their efficiency.

Our Scholarship procedure is held two times in a year. We have created the my2017calendars Digital Marketing Scholarship for the students who are pursuing the Undergraduate or Postgraduate course. Their interest and passion towards the “Internet Marketing” will make them eligible for receiving the reward amount of $1000 so that it will encourage them.


Application Procedure


Below we have given some of the information especially for you so that you will be able to avail the simplified procedure of the application and its explanation in details. Read the below-mentioned process with care.

The students who are interested in the scholarship, at first they are required to submit an essay of 200-500 words. Here they have to provide a brief and smart explanation that why she/he should be considered best for this specific scholarship. During this procedure, it is taken care that every instruction is properly followed.

  • The Last date to  Submit Your Essay/Application is 30th of October 2017, and the name of the winner of the Scholarship will be declared on 30th December 2017.
  • Be real and here you must highlight all your current Achievements properly without fail.
  • Why do you think that the internet marketing holds significance in the modern time?
  • What is the utilization of it on our articles/website?
  • Inventive thoughts regarding the Subject related projects should be given in the writing.
  • You have to ensure that all the info you are providing here is 100% authentic.
  • All the Documents, Pictures, and will be considered to be the proof or supporting content.

Submit Your Application From Here


General Requirements


The applicants, when selected, will have to provide the following proofs:

  • The applicants must minimum 18-years of age at the time of disbursement.
  • The Applicant must be enrolled in any above mentioned academic program.


Evaluation Process of the Essays

The essays submitted by the applicants will be evaluated strictly by the editors and the members of the selection board. The editors will judge the essays or the write ups from various perspectives like inspiration, enthusiasm, clear and concise ideas about the particular subject along with the thorough understanding and knowledge of specific stream. Personal achievements and creativity in writing will also be given attention.  So it is advised to applicants to take a little time to think and reflect before writing the essay.



The final date for submission is 30th of October 2017, and we will choose the winner by 30th December 2017.

  • $2,000 Cheque will be sent directly to your college.
  • We run our scholarship program every year.


* Terms and conditions


The students should remember that this information of my2017calendars Digital Marketing Scholarship is highly confidential. The applicants should follow the rules and confidentiality strictly. The information will be used for the purpose of the relevant matter. The final decision of the winner will be decided by the organization and NO Question or Objection will be entertained.