What & When is President’s Day 2017-2018?

President’s Day

The famous President’s Day is the federal holiday of the United States that every year celebrated by the people on third Monday of February of each year. This celebration is done in honor of the first Prez of the United States, George Washington. This state public Holidays of the nation is announced in the name of him. This is not only about showing respect to Washington but also remembers all the President of US. In some of the states, the birthday of Washington is also celebrated and named as Washington’s Birthday. This particular day falls on 22nd of February.    

What is Presidents’ Day in the United States

To pay the honor of the ‘The Father of his Country,’ George Washington, the United States celebrate President’s Day on the third February of the year. In this particular day, the achievements and life history of George Washington is remembered by the people of the nation. To remember the contribution to the country, on this Day, Washington, the first Prez of US (1789-1797) is paid the homage to the memory of him. People also honor all the US presidents for their contributions. Apart from George Washington, people also remember and Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson in particular.

If we are talking about the upcoming holidays, then, President’s Day is counted as one of them as this is considered by the Govt. of U.S as the federal holiday. Whether you say it the Legal holidays or Washington’s Birthday, but it is the same.    

In the occasion of President’s Day, community celebrations and parades happened in the states. Special sales and many lucrative offers are given by many stores and businesses for the United States Citizen. On President’s Day, the Purple Heart military badge (Carrying image of Washington) for soldiers is awarded who have got injuries at the time of their duty. 

Dates of Presidents’ Day (2010 to 2025)

Presidents’ Day 201015th of February, 2010
Presidents’ Day 201121st of February, 2011
Presidents’ Day 201220th of February, 2012
Presidents’ Day 201318th of February, 2013
Presidents’ Day 201417th of February, 2014
Presidents’ Day 201516th of February, 2015
Presidents’ Day 201615th of February, 2016
Presidents’ Day 201720th of February, 2017
Presidents’ Day 201819th of February, 2018
Presidents’ Day 201918th of February, 2019
Presidents’ Day 202017th of February, 2020
Presidents’ Day 202115th of February, 2021
Presidents’ Day 202221st of February, 2022
Presidents’ Day 202320th of February, 2023
Presidents’ Day 202419th of February, 2024
Presidents’ Day 202517th of February, 2025

When is President’s Day?

At first, the Holiday of President’s Day was announced in 1879, and the first time it was celebrated in the following year. At that period, It was held on the actual birthday of George Washington that falls on (February 22). In the later period, in 1971,  the date of the President’s Day was changed to the February third Monday in every year. President’s Day falls in between 15th of February to 21st of February in each year that is also Monday. As the first federal holiday of US, this occasion is to be created in honor of the citizen of America.

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